Carl Waerner

Facilitation experience 💪


Currently working under the name of unlokk facilitation agency with a former classmate from Hyper Island. We are in a process with Balettakademin and are working with the focus question

“How might we create better communication by focusing on safety (psychological safety)”

Held two workshops with two more planned in the future.


Ideaction is an innovation programme funded by Vinnova which aims to give people the chance to prototype and test out if their ideas holds up in the global market. Going from idea to action.

Hyper Island

Hyper Island is a teach and leadership school and is renowned for being the "Harvard of tech". I was a student there for two years working with real clients. But I also worked for them during my time as a student there.


Beckmans School of Art

Competence 🏋️

Creative workshops:

Team & individual development

Facilitating organisational development & change

Future 💭