Carl Waerner (b. 1988) is a Stockholm based facilitator that loves to create learning experiences for people.

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I’m a generalist with a focus on facilitation. I like tech but I’m concerned with how it affects the human condition. I have a positive personality, and see possibilities rather than obstacles. I want to understand the bigger picture so I can add relevant value. I'm also a quick learner and can be your good friend.
  • Balettakademin // Working with focus question "How might we create better communication by creating safety" - Culture review workshops and learning to become better listeners workshop
  • ToolSpace // Program manager at IDEACTION. Prototyping, pitch, ideation workshops.
  • OpenLab // Facilitator at Design thinking Master Course
  • Beckmans // Held workshop "Professional development"
  • The Good Talents // Workshop coach for Stena Fastigheter x The Good Talents
  • Hyper Island // Facilitated Admissions day for new students
  • SKL // Facilitated workshops around Digital transformation
  • KTH // Facilitator // Group development course
  • Hyper Island // Facilitator at Kids Summer Camp

  • Read more in depth of my experience here
  • Design thinking and navigating in complexity, Fast prototyping and iterations, Learning processes, Reflection, Ideation, Future mapping for companies, Pitching workshops, Finding your WHY workshop, Critical thinking, Active listening, Creating a proactive Plan, Kanban, Scrum, Agile, User journeys, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Electron, Photoshop, Sketch, p5.js
  • self-awareness, presence, listening, compassion, persistence